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Real Estate Selling and Buying Resource

Learn What It Means To Be A Seller

Getting Your Property On The Market

Buying A Home


Thank you for considering me, Bill Byrd, RE/Max Gold Top 1,000 Nationwide Realtor as your preferred realtor. I've prepared the following information and packets for you to read through at your leisure to become as savvy as you'd like as a Buyer or Seller in today's market. This site is full of pearls of wisdom to help you make the best decisions, get the best value for your property, and have the best possible experience along the way. 

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The Byrd Promise

Fact: According to the National Association of Realtors, 70% of the public thought their agent did a poor job communicating with them. Not with William Byrd.


1. I guarantee we will provide feedback to you within 48 hours after showings (when available), either by phone or email.

2. I guarantee we will call you weekly to discuss feedback, showing traffic, market activity, and price adjustments with regards to positioning your home on the market.

3. I guarantee to be available by phone between 9am and 8pm Monday through Sunday.

4. I guarantee we will return all phone calls daily, and emails even more quickly.

5. I guarantee that you will be kept informed regarding new homes that come on the market to compete with yours, as well as recent sales around you.

6. I guarantee you will visually see any brochures, websites, etc., to see how your home is

being marketed.

7. I guarantee that we will hand deliver any correspondence that is of an urgent nature.

8. I guarantee we will update all agents and brokers in the area about your home.

9. I guarantee that your home will have brochures in the home at all times.

My commitment to you — William Byrd

Buyer & Seller Packets

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Important for both Buyers and Sellers

Collaborating at Work
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