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How To Buy A Home

Get Ready

The big question to ask yourself is what do you really want in a home? To stop and ask yourself that question will save hours of viewing and refining.  Whoever you choose to support your property search, make sure to know what you want. Then, shop for the right broker. The wrong alliances can lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment, over-payments, lost opportunities, and if I have learned anything over the years, great partners produce great results.

"Home Is Where You Want To Be."

Our Mission

Finding The Right Home

Understanding - what are you looking for? 

Location - where do you want to buy?
Price - what is your budget?
Square Feet - how big do you want your space?
Bedrooms and Baths - how many?
Style - modern, classic, colonial, etc.
Features - do you or any members of your family have disabilities, conditions, or other circumstances that would require specific home features?
Schools - is there a specific school or school district you’d prefer to live in/near?

Children - do you have children?

Surrounding Area - do you have pets?

Experience - have you bought or sold a home in the past?

Liquidity - do you need to sell a property before you can purchase another?

Mobility - are you currently in a lease?

Timing - how soon do you want/need to be in a new home?

Improvements - are you interested in a new home, a resale home, or both?

Complete this questionnaire to refine your needs.

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The Search

Agent Search

The RE/Max Network (over 90,000 agents)
Realtor Networking through TAN (Top Agent Network of which Bill is a member)


Home Foreclosures & Probates

Old Expired Listings & FSBO (For Sale By Owner)
Letter Campaign To Neighborhoods You Like

Customer Search
Yard Signs, Open Houses, Model Homes, Friends, More FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

High Tech Tools

Automated home search system: checks for new listings every day and notifies both you and I

The Buying Process

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