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What To Expect

So you are looking to buy a home? You need to get ready.

Get Financially Fit

Consistently save for your home.

Work on your credit score. (This will improve your mortgage rates and lower your loan points.)

determine how much house can you realistically afford.

Build A Strong Real Estate Team

Shop around before committing to a lender.

Find a realtor who is on top of their game (and a good fit - like Bill).

Find a highly recommended property inspector.

Get A Full Pre-Approval

Prepare paperwork and complete a loan application.

Talk to your lender about buying down your rate.

Evaluate Your Ability To Renovate and Maintain

Compare the benefits of a turn-key home or a fixer upper.

Determine what home and yard maintenance you can handle.

Determine Your Priorities and Deal Breakers

Dream up what you want and what you don't!

Study cities and neighborhoods in-depth.

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6 Tips To Boost Your Credit Score

• Check your credit reports for errors.

• Tackle derogatory items like collections, charge-offs, and late payments first.

• Make payments on time.

• Bring your account balances below 30% of your credit limit.

• Keep the card you've had the longest, if you decide to close accounts.

• Make small purchases on cards with zero balances then pay them off right away.

Front Door



Most Buyers submit multiple offers before securing a final sale. REMEMBER: There is always another property if you offer is not accepted. So don't get discouraged. Get excited, because your final home is out there - waiting for you.

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Making An Offer

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