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Getting Ready To Sell

Get Informed

Whoever you choose to represent your property, make sure to understand the value of those helping you to sell. The wrong alliances can lead to losses, and if I have learned anything over the years, great partners produce great results.

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The Objective

The Top 3 for Any Broker:

1. To assist you in getting as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold.
2. To communicate with you weekly regarding the results of activities.
3. To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value between you and the buyer.



FACT: If the ordinary agent sells your home, on average, you will only net 94.8% of the original list price.


FACT: William Byrd sells their listings for an average of 99.6% of the original list price.


What could you do with an additional 4.8% of your home's value?


FACT: If the ordinary agent is able to sell your home, it would take 45 days.


FACT: William Byrd sells homes on average in 25 days.



and more money in your pocket.

Getting On The Market

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