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Stay in Touch?

591 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941  |   415-559-5660

Dear Friend,

I want to stay in touch, but only in ways that work for you. If you choose to leave, you will be missed. I plan to share real estate, probate, and market information as we move through 2021. 

Please share your email wishes in the subject line below:

- Remove me (from email list only)

- No Connection (I do not want to be in touch)

- Never Mind (Wait a sec..I've changed my mind. Keep me in the loop.)

- Call me

Check out my websites:
Main Website:
Buyers and Sellers:
Probate and Trust:
Foreclosure and Short Sales:
Fix and Flips:

I wish you and your loved ones all the best! Bill

Call Me, Anytime

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